Know your knives to achieve
greatness in cooking!

They say you should really know your knife to achieve greatness in cooking; because every knife has its own special purpose. Using a knife properly is just about the most basic and essential part of cooking, and if you do it right; success is sure to follow like the delicious aroma of a well prepared raan. So, let’s start slicin’!

First things first. Know your knives.

It’s important to know if the knife you are using is for the right activity or not. Using the right knife can insure the job being done right.

All Clean Cuts

These set of knives are pretty good for cutting a different variety of foods. From fruits and veggies to bread, (when slicing bread, use a knife with a serrated edge) these knives are great to have in your chopin’ arsenal.

Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many different kitchen tasks, rather than just one task in particular. It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat.


Santoku Knife

It is a Japanese-style knife which is good for slicing, dicing and mincing. It is lightweight and can be used for other purposes as well.



Carving Knife

A carving knife is used to slice thin cuts of meat, including poultry, roasts and other large cooked meats. It is much thinner than a chef’s knife (particularly at the spine), enabling it to carve thinner, and more precise slices


Bread Knife

As the name suggests, these knives are used for cutting bread and are used quite a bit by chefs. The serrated edge helps to cut the bread without letting it crumble or crush.


Utility Knife

A knife which can be used for general and other utility purposes.


Serrated Edge

For cutting bread and pastries, vegetables with the skin on, and other soft foods.


Smooth Edge

Use this for chopping, slicing, and dicing vegetables and seafood.


Cuts for Fish and Meat

This range of knives is good for a wide variety of tasks, like deboning fish, fileting or removing bones from meat. Perfect and ready for your kitchen this Eid!

Boning Knife

A type of kitchen knife with a sharp point and a narrow blade. It is used in food preparation for removing the bones of poultry, meat, and fish.



Filleting Knife

It is very flexible boning knife that is used to fillet and prepare fish. It has good control which helps to fillet properly.



Cleaver Knife

The Cleaver knife is mostly used as a butcher knife intended for hacking through bone. The knife’s broad side can also be used for crushing in food preparation.


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