Confetti, cupcakes and cheer!

So, you’re on the clock. The big day’s arriving in T minus….WOAH! WOAH! Hold up, not without a day filled with fun and surprises with your favorite ladies. That’s right, we’re talking about your Bridal Shower! A fun event just for you and all the fun ladies in your life is the perfect way to unwind and refresh yourself for the big day. So, sit back and read on, to find out some fun hacks and ideas on how to throw a smashing bridal shower!

What party doesn’t have stunning décor? Not yours, that’s for sure. You’re probably thinking though, what are some décor ideas which aren’t only cute but are also doable and won’t empty your wallet. Worry not! We’ve got some ideas and hacks picked out just for you! Want to find out what they are? Keep on reading.

⦁ Glammed Up Balloons!
An easy hack to make regular balloons so much more cute and festive is simply by filling them with glitter or confetti, or coating them with a good amount from the outside. Depending on your theme, you can dress them up more with a full on bling look, or dress them down to a more elegant type with light, pastel colored confetti or glitter.

⦁ Fruity drink station!
Present your guests with a fun juice bar. Simply set out various fruit juices, freshly squeezed or store bought, glasses and accessorize with whatever else you want. It’s a nice gesture and makes for some interesting flavors. Want to have more fun with it? Write up a fun label for your station.

It’s all fun and games!
What’s a party without games? A perfect way to break the ice and get the party started on the right foot. A fun game to play with friends is, “Who am I?” simply take a card and without mentioning your name, write a memory of you and the to-be bride, it can be your favorite memory or a goofy, funny one. Then she has to guess who wrote what memory. If she guesses wrong or cannot decide you wrote it, you win!

For the foodies!
Food. The best part of any occasion, depending on your likes and theme, you can really get creative with the kind of food you’d want to serve at your event. If you’re having a sweet, elegant pastel theme, we’ve got some ideas for snacks and sweets. A fun way to jazz up your dessert corner is by adding cute, quirky little signs for your guests to enjoy. We encourage putting out finger foods for your guests to casually pick at and enjoy while still having fun and moving about.

Delightfully delightful party favors
What’s a party without party favors? Not only is it a nice parting gift to remember the event, but it is also a nice gesture. Our sweet smelling scented candles are a good option to give away to your guests. Not only are they fun to wrap, but also make for adorable giveaways. Plus, who doesn’t like the smell of vanilla in their home?

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