Clean, simplistic and smooth lines.
Bauhaus in a nutshell.

Starting out as one of the most influential art movements of our time, it set the tone and feel of how going back to the basics, the very basics can create something truly magnificent. Basic shapes and geometric lines were used as a focal point to really capture the feel of beauty and simplicity. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I need to know about this?” well because honestly, everyone can use a bit of Bauhaus in their lives.


1. Show Your Wall some love!

Gone are the days where your walls look empty and devoid of flavor. These exuberant wall art pieces are perfect for a splash of color and quirkiness to your home. We hope you have just as much fun setting them up as we did making them just for you!


2. Tray the right way!

Impress your guests with our hand-crafted trays in all new designs. Who says your everyday household items need to be boring? Bauhaus it up and make a statement.






3. Comfort, color and cushions!

Requirements: Comfy? Check. Bright? Check. Do you have them? Well, we sure hope you do. Bauhaus is all about bright colors and clean geometric lines; fun and classic design elements to really bring a refreshing look to your room.


4. Revamp your Dining!

Change the way your dinner table looks with our Bauhaus collection, including products like table mats, coasters, table covers and napkins, all to give your dinner station a bright makeover!



5. Bring in the color!

Feel like your seating arrangements could use some vibrancy? We’ve got you covered! Our funBauhaus cushions are just the pick-me-up your room needs for a bright face lift. If you like classy, tasteful colors come pick up your cushions before they’re all gone.

Pro Tip: If you want bright colors to pop more, layer them with a grey base the way we have shown here in the picture. It puts the ‘’C’’ in color! Colors such as red and yellow should ideally be used in smaller pieces of décor that create an accent rather than an overwhelming block of color.



6. Look alive, exciting stuff up ahead!

Stay tuned as we share some of our top picks this season for all your outdoor events, be it an outdoor BBQ or something as simple as sham ki chai, we’ve got something for every occasion. Stick around to find out what they are!

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