Bringing together cultural craft and design talent

At Habitt we aim to support local craftsmen and the industry with hopes to revive the hand crafted goods of Pakistan. An initiative of our design team was to co-create our ceramic pieces, in a way which combined two different sensibilities bringing together their own skills and indigenous craftsmanship.

This interaction not only leads to unique output, but also keeps our design talent connected to our heritage. Exchange of knowledge, skills and sensibilities is at the heart of our design thinking process through which Habitt innovates its product portfolio. We support our craft and cottage industry and embrace the legacy of our rich design heritage as a whole in order to weave our own culture with modern day urban lifestyles.

The process of creating each piece is tedious. The craftsmen work tirelessly with the designers collaborating and reinventing processes. First is wedging; preparing the clay. Then it is taken to the potter’s wheel where it is trimmed further, after which the main imprint is placed on it. Design is transferred on to the surface through alternating techniques, one is crochet impression and the other is hand painting with blue paint to create traditional motifs and arabesque patterns. The painted plate is then dipped in glaze and fired in a gas operated burner for the final phase.

The design inspiration behind these pieces was to not disturb the original feel of these motifs of our heritage, and we recreated them using the two techniques that show a different glimpse of the past traditions. Partnership is one of our core values. Design talent working with Habitt embodies the same in their ideology and work at the same time. Our talent goes through a rigorous training process where opening up the design thinking process to collaborations is fundamental to innovations and new product development. At the end of the day, our design talent not only feels accomplished when it transforms it’s inspirations in to contemporary products for home décor, but also stands proud of the contribution it is making to the revival of it’s own cultural heritage. It brings purpose to the work, going beyond making profit.

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